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Creative Health


This isn't to be confused with Art Therapies which originated in the fields of art and psychotherapy and may vary in definition. Although the academic and clinical discipline of psychotherapy has become a medical, and therefore a pathology oriented field of the study of the mind.

Creative Health is a complete mind-body-soul experience you can apply to yourself with the intention to work through you, and to you, enabling the pain to be healed on the deepest cellular level, through awareness (self-activation) through heart-brain harmony, guided meditation, and working as one with the creator, YOU.

I will always be on hand - supporting and guiding you whole heartedly throughout your own unique recovery plan.

The creative health workshops are complete thoughtout pillars of change (seeds of change) allowing growth from the inside up of every workshop stage that will be making big energy changes within you from the creativity process, to learn how to grow stronger and heal enabling you to move forward with your life. Which in turn is rewarding you back your own creative health prescription to tend to your garden within independently and as a deep soul gardening tool, you can return to again and again back to health and empowerment.

These beautiful, creative workshops have been organically designed to continuously empower you from the creative energy field art has on us as humans, working from the inside out and continuously creating opportunities for you to flourish on a cellular level back up to the garden of light, to the real you.


“Remember, your tender, raw emotions can serve as your most potent form of creative inspiration and fuel if you harness them and give them a place to exist outside of your body, mind, and spirit. Don’t push them down. Paint them out.”