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Gayleigh Chester



Gayleigh is a healer, trained coach and spiritual mentor who has been in training her whole life to support and hold space for woman who want to empower themselves mentally, emotionally from trauma, PTSD, anxiety as well as guiding woman to finding their souls calling through mindfulness and meditation.

Through her own recovery rituals and modalities Gayleigh willl bring you into her own unique space and guidance of light, back to the road of recovery and self-empowerment. She is a qualified artist, design, and intuitive meditational coach. With a passion for nature, florals and stars.

Guided by the Council Of Light and her higher star-seed self she has taken up this life long mission fully to lead the way within her community after a life long call of synchronicities and wake up calls through out this life long preparation in training.

Her mission is too encourage other women and give back , her creative health first aid tools kits- needed to live a happier, healthier colourful life full of magic and grace.